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Huguosi Hotel Beijing is located at the western end of the ancient cultural street of BeijingHuguosi Street. It is adjacent to Xidan Commercial Street and Xinjiekou Commercial Center, and is located within Shichahai Natural and Cultural Scenic Area. Surrounded by Beijing Famous Opera Garden-People's Theater and Old Beijing Traditional Food and Snack Shop-Huguo Temple Snack Bar, there are many cultures including the famous Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang's former residence, Shicha Seascape, Gongwangfu Garden, Guo Moruo's former residence, Beihai Park, etc. And tourist attractions. The hotel is about 2 minutes walk from subway lines 4 and 6. There are multiple bus lines in front of the door to reach every corner of Beijing, and the transportation is convenient. The hotel is located in the city center, which can meet the different needs of business and tourist guests.
The hotel has more than 100 guest rooms (sets). Each room has a separate toilet, telephone, TV, 24-hour hot water and filtered purified water, and broadband WIFI Internet access. Some rooms are also equipped with air purifiers, smart toilets and other equipment; front desk Can provide services such as foreign currency exchange, luggage storage and safety deposit boxes; there is a smart device at the self-service front desk in the lobby for self-check-in, convenient and quick. In addition, the Beijing Tourism Consulting Service Center Huguosi Station is also located in the hotel lobby, which can provide standard tourist consultation and ticketing services for guests free of charge.
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  • gingcong
    Also the snacks a lot
  • lingsong1021
    Nice hotel, is the room too small, bed is too narrow, others can!
  • vivifly12
    Overall performance is good, location is very good, only a KTV is night noise, next time will stay
  • littlejane1981
    Located in the Center, very good ... is too small ... ...
  • imoney
    The hotel's location is very good, eat, travel easy
  • NJ Fan Rong
    Continue to live in, so good!
  • e00099697
    Quite characteristic of Beijing, from the subway near.
  • liping0830
    Good location, but the room is very heavy, headache
  • yundongluo
    Good location, three minutes away from Metro, the hotel next to the snack, breakfast is convenient to visit Beijing these days, I feel pretty good
  • e01112496
    Very good hotel, safe and very close to the subway! gokokuji snacks! very nice! came to Beijing to recommend you live
  • ejingaa
    Accommodation very good, Metro very close, out of the hotel, huguosi Street is, what good has, very convenient
  • aily98
    It's not bad
  • linar
    Family of three holiday, hotel transportation is convenient, and Line 4 line exit, regardless of which attractions are very easy to, last day, luggage, the summer palace yuanmingyuan played the baggage, went to Beijing South railway station, super convenient. refer-a-friend admitted.
  • Amyjiang
    Room was a bit small, eat around Trinidad and Tobago, the network is a little weak, convenient
  • aven111
    Very good, very convenient, very close to the Metro
  • jessixa
    Hotel is located in the Metro Line 4 and Line 6 line transfer stations, transport facilities, and the door is food, eating very convenient. health and environment in General. the worst is soundproofing is poor. in General, high cost performance.
  • D baoqibin
    Very nice hotel, and parking spaces
  • baolangege
    Good, good location
  • vivianwin
    Room was clean, tidy, facilities, but the water is not hot enough.
  • cc7799
    Good location, very close to the Metro, room was old, sewer smells smelly. rooms at the hotel in the evening cool, speaking weak, have to ask twice to hear clearly, but clean breakfast very good. position will consider to stay again next time.
  • feel1972
    Noisy, room was a bit small, Oh! very nice.
  • Mamie
    The location is convenient, front line is Line 4, breakfast suggestions to qingfeng buns spread on the road next door to eat, feeling better than gokokuji something delicious.
  • lixiaren
    Good location, very close to the subway. room. snacks around and convenient.
  • e00007703
    Convenient transportation is great
  • cw1543
    Location is good and convenient, the room clean, good service.
  • d.bosco
  • avandy
    Location very good, food around. room was small, but heat does not dry, next time I go here.
  • myroads
    Room was very small
  • dxjons
    Theme embodies the good, is old equipment, slippers can give into a one-time!
  • Dennis_ jade
    Very good, very clean, service was good, the price in Beijing, is the location value
    Good location, convenient transportation
  • jlsslj
    Convenient traffic junction have a subway, out a street food, eat live tour is really convenient.
  • LLL8088
    Is the ideal place to visit Beijing, flights, restaurants are very convenient. go to Wangfujing, Xidan, Dan is super convenient. room was small, but very clean, service is good, it is worth to recommend!
  • ageratum
    Very comfortable!
  • sonyess
    Which is very nice
  • florence0130
    In addition to less noise, others are good.
  • laocco
    Hotels in good health, it is a bit small
  • gongjin123
    Old Beijing features
  • adafu76
    Room was small, but the traffic is very convenient, they go out the subway
  • M02817132
    Around easy snack a lot, the traffic is very convenient
  • A041101012
    Hotel is very unique, clean and although the space is small, fully facilities. well, offer a luggage storage service. with children bed too small, you can select a triple. environment recommended, is a tourist street life, food and drink readily available. was very close to the subway.
  • augfire
    From Taiwan came travel and the tourism, listening to friends of introduced staying, locations is good, Metro station out go several step road on to, near store lined, diverse of restaurant, on a field to of travel who, really of convenient, hotel front desk and the clean and preservation, service personnel of attitude are is good, is I in city see had of with level hotel in the, service attitude is has high level of, room has was as clean clean, but helpless room of decoration more old, so looks has dirty sense, recommendsWallpaper paste, carpet replacement, there should be a lot of differences, and poor network bandwidth, speeds fast, business travelers are inconvenienced, it is recommended to travel who will be eligible
  • vincent1207
    Second, and satisfaction
  • mggmxw
    Location is very convenient, simple style, rooms simple, facilities a bit old, but good location make up for everything, wherever is convenient, especially when the elderly are convenient.
  • jennyjane
    Metro station, convenient, good health condition, suitable for business travel
  • paulcobra
    Location is room is too small the key is entered the room air conditioning is not so good smell for two days hoping to improve it but still like the service here
  • Dev dichotomy
    Have a sense of home, general satisfaction, need to improve service.
  • nanguodewo
    Front desk attitude to be promoted
  • snowman533
    Room small